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Ic ADC12048CIV

"It should be noted that for large shipments of products, mixed program will only get low production efficiency, so the relevant choice of programs and IC ADC12048CIV and applications. hybrid program can only meet the needs of certain customers, but not all. "Speaking of hybrid program, said Mak made. He pointed out that in the choice of the test program, customers tend to have greater flexibility to production lines for different products and programs. "Obviously, hybrid solution does not have these features. In addition, if considered from the price, it is also more than a single AOI / AXI expensive, and the ability to X-ray testing may not be as a single program ."

ADC12048CIV Suppliers

Recently, the Second Summit of the Asia-Pacific Forum on LED technology have been held in Shenzhen and ADC12048CIV Suppliers and Ningbo. Shenzhen and South China LED lighting industry in China, an important position in the natural need to say, but the Bay Area, Hangzhou, Ningbo and the LED supporting industries beyond many people are expected to rise rapidly, the emergence of a number of LED general lighting, landscape lighting, lights, advertising displays, automotive lighting, backlighting the display of the R & D and manufacturing enterprises, and supporting vendors. For these two regions LED industry, the conference invited a number of renowned international companies will focus on technical experts to share, including LED drivers and power solutions, LED lighting and LED test circuit protection solutions, innovations in technology and application development concepts. LED driver IC with a number of lectures and lecture components of different applications, Tektronix technology companies "integrated LED test your technology solutions," the speech particularly noteworthy, the company explained in laymans language experts in LED lighting application design and test challenges and the corresponding solutions, obtained from the audiences enthusiastic response.

ADC12048CIV Price

South Korea DynalithSystems company for the China market launched a very compact and ADC12048CIV Price and extremely portable high-speed hardware prototype simulation accelerator iNCITE, the product uses USB2.0 interface technology used to develop or validate one million SOC design circuit. Its support of the application development board iNCITE-AVREM is with Audio, Video, RS-232C, Ethernet, MMC also PS / 2 interfaces, which give the development of small and medium scale integrated circuits to provide an almost perfect environment. With the development of Chinas IC design industry in China increasingly developing, doing tape mask or formal representation before the simulation of the prototype are increasingly important, many IC design and development company of this size and specifications difficult to get a prototype verification tool representation, provided the company has done affordable iNCITE products and high quality hardware emulation of superior products, is currently on the market or industry where the only available product specifications and size. This gives Chinas IC development company has brought the gospel of great thirst. iNCITE product there is a specification for the design of the scale of 2 million. At present, Shanghai Micro-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Ling DynalithSystems company as general agent in China are taking on China in the marketing and technical services. iNCITE rapid prototyping simulation accelerator reproduce the price is 1500 dollars.

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