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AEDR-8320 series of reflective encoders provide regardless of usage cycle, state and IC ADG211AKR and phase are better than competing products, accurate real-time encoder position sensor, which but also from the impact of changes in the axial, and can the sensor and code wheel or strip the gap between the size of the different circumstances to maintain the same performance and accuracy. In addition, AEDR-8320 series can be used with a reflective code wheel to sense rotary position and velocity, or with a linear code strip to sense linear position and matching speed.

ADG211AKR Suppliers

Avagos AEDR-8320 series is equipped to provide rotary and ADG211AKR Suppliers and linear motion control up to 180 LPI (Lines Per Inch) resolution two-channel analog output, in addition, the two-channel analog output is also obtained by interpolation a higher resolution. When the chip package and external interpolation, AEDR-8320 can be achieved in the linear motion of the resolution of 2.2μm to 10μm, rotation sensor is able to transfer 4,096 to 7,840 per counts (CPR, Counts Per Revolution), the high resolution rate optical encoder in a single leadless package also within the integrated LED light source and light detection chip, and uses reflective technology to sense rotary or linear position, in addition, AEDR-8320 encoder can directly and most of the signal processing circuit interfacing to bring flexibility into the design, while relatively easy to integrate into existing systems.

ADG211AKR Price

Spreadtrum Communications Co Ltd, Chinas leading wireless baseband chipset providers, today announced the launch of the SC6600H type music phone for GSM / GPRS cellular baseband chip. The chips with high-quality music player, the sound quality of the CD playback. Currently, consumer demand for multimedia mobile phones become more and ADG211AKR Price and more widespread, high-fidelity music player mobile phone is no longer just a "high end" of the symbol, and will gradually become the mainstream mobile consumer needs the basic configuration. Therefore, consumers of mobile music playback quality requirements are also increasing. At present, many mobile phones, especially entry-level mobile phones, music playback and even reach a basic MP3 audio. Spreadtrum launch of the SC6600H type of chip uses advanced audio processing technology, making the phones music player to really play CD quality sound effects. SC6600H chip program mainly located in the music phone market segment, highlighting the implementation of high quality audio and other features optimized, such as support for half rate, full rate, enhanced full rate and adaptive multi-rate speech codecs . At the same time, SC6600H type, such as GRPS chip also supports multi-slot Class10, recording, Bluetooth and other functions. And in addition to high integration, high reliability, low power consumption advantages of, SC6600H type chip enhanced product reliability design. Therefore, the chip designed for mobile phone manufacturers and provide a cost-effective solutions. Spreadtrum believe that the chip will be "entry level" an ideal choice for mobile phones. When talking about marketing the chip, Spreadtrum President and CEO Dr. Wu Ping said, "With the SC6600H type of chip available, we are raising standards for entry-level phones and mobile phones to allow consumers to enjoy CD quality music. This is precisely the interpretation of the Spreadtrum has consistently uphold the concept of R & D - for consumers to experience the pleasure of high-tech innovation! "Spreadtrum SC6600H type of chip samples have been shipped in the third quarter. The chip package is a 240-ballLFBGA, the chip is also a low-power design, input and output: 3.0V, the chip core: 1.8V.

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