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shipments from the point of view in all regions, Asia-Pacific supplier of 26% compared with same period last year, reaching 100 million 1.8 million. Indias growth rate reached a record high, supply 24.5 million. Eastern Europe, the Middle East and IC ADG433BR and Africa rose 3.5%, reaching 49.6 million. Japans shipments grew 21.8% to 13.1 million. Supply quantity of other regions, South America, an increase of 8% to 32.2 million; North America, an increase of 10.3% to 45,000,000; Western Europe, up 14.9% to 47.2 million.

ADG433BR Suppliers

in the field of solar photovoltaic, crystalline silicon solar cells higher conversion efficiency, sources of raw materials is simple, so although the rapid rise of thin film solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cells but is still the main solar cell industry. In 2007, the worlds top 10 solar cell manufacturers, there are 9 is the production of crystalline silicon solar cells based.

ADG433BR Price

In addition, 3GHz45nm quad-core Xeon processor, priced at $ 851, the lowest price for XeonE5405, the price is $ 209. In terms of dual-core, clocked at 3.33GHz 45nm dual-core Xeon processors in the price of $ 851, follow-up products will be introduced in the first quarter of next year.

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