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electronic equipment industry in China now there are still many difficulties and IC ADG441BR and problems, mainly: the key technology and equipment development, and manufacturing capacity is still weak, the introduction of the work of digestion and absorption of foreign technology, with no on; policies and regulations are not perfect, equipment, apparatus upside down tariffs, lack of government investment, a large, cheap imports of second-hand equipment to the formation of a larger impact on domestic industries. No domestic equipment support, the development of electronic information industry is just empty talk. The development of China-made equipment to achieve a breakthrough from the following aspects in order to assume the support of the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization of the task.

ADG441BR Suppliers

Second, increase government, industry, academia, research, and ADG441BR Suppliers and with the cooperation efforts. Build a joint research platform for domestic plant and electronics manufacturers, universities and research institutions and equipment manufacturers create the conditions for seamless connectivity. Equipment manufacturers and users of close contact, cooperation, anxious customer anxious, has introduced the product to customer needs, and improve and perfect use. Chinas basic industries and supporting capacity with foreign companies, the gap larger. Although the domestic equipment manufacturers in the prototype development, based on preliminary research, etc. to fill the gaps in a number of countries, but still need to enter the production line some time. This is a systematic project, the need to domestic enterprises in the chain together.

ADG441BR Price

Third, the domestic equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor device should use their experience in the fields, and ADG441BR Price and actively involved in current and emerging industries, such as photovoltaic, LED (light emitting diode), LCD (liquid crystal display) and other fields, followed by industry situation, and actively develop automation, energy conservation, efficient equipment, improving product technology content, to further meet market demand.

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