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point of view of individual applications, according to WitsView survey, in the first quarter of global electricity and IC ADG507AKN and NB Netbook small notebook panels by the impact of the off-season, single-quarter shipments were up 10500000, 40190000, and were down 11.2% from the previous quarter and 2.3%. Monitor LCD TV Monitor Panel LCD TV panel production due to priority effects, continued tight supply, but also led the Monitor panel prices continue to hike to 3 months, single-season shipments amounted to 52.54 million, quarter by 6.5%, becoming the first quarter growth of large-size panel shipments of major applications. LCD TV LCD TV panels in the first quarter the first to benefit from the Chinese Lunar New Year demand for support prior to stocking, single-quarter shipments of 45.1 million, roughly flat with last quarter, quarter by 0.4%.

ADG507AKN Suppliers

this public offering to raise capital to invest in expansion of IC packaging and ADG507AKN Suppliers and testing phase and third phase of technological transformation projects technological transformation projects, the construction period of 2 years, respectively. Among them, the second phase of the project formed in packaging and testing QFP / LQFP, BGA / LGA, QFN, BUMP, NewWLP products totaled 2.46 billion of production capacity, our second phase of the project profit forecast mainly caused by the release of production capacity. (Tianyi Securities Institute )

ADG507AKN Price

Chinas semiconductor packaging and ADG507AKN Price and testing industry output value accounted for 50%, Fujitsu, Toshiba chip packaging capacity in Wuxi transfer preferred. Companies have been signed with Fujitsu letter of intent LQFP production lines, production lines 8-inch letter of intent BUMP, BUMP estimated annual income of $ 2,400,000 added. Fujitsus own wafer fabrication facility is currently operating rate recovered to 86%, the chip manufacturing sector to achieve a 5-year earnings for the first time. Fujitsu has some of the wafer production tasks outsourced to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, in addition to 09 after another three production lines shut down in order to achieve savings of 80 billion yen in 2011 expenditure on cost control plan into the future, Fujitsu will focus on chip design, planning 2013s semiconductor business in overseas markets from the current 20% to 40%. November 2009, Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Company and Wuxi joint venture agreement to set up through Chicago Microelectronics. Recently reported that Toshiba Semiconductor Wuxi will retain the functions of production management, turned to Toshibas China headquarters, and will be carried out through Chi microelectronics and other large scale integrated circuit design and production of semiconductor product development and semiconductor products, the processing of the camera module , processing, testing, becoming the only Toshiba semiconductor production base in China, Wuxi Municipal Government also intends to attract foreign investment to speed up industrial restructuring. Annual Reviews we have that the expansion is no doubt the company packaging and testing services for Toshiba to provide a guarantee in the future, Fujitsu, Toshiba will become an important customer, enhance the companys visibility in overseas markets, reported basic and consistent with our judgments.

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