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LEDinside that the release of the Energy Star standards for longer than originally planned by the end of December nearly a month earlier. This obviously also anxious to see the U.S. Department of Energy standards by the early release LED lighting, LED lighting products to the industry standard has been followed, and IC ADM236LJN and let the LED lighting order to obtain proper maintenance, it is not to repeat the mistakes CFL ( CFL promotion of early, because of introduction of products mixed, negative experience, resulting in promotion of the product was difficult.)

ADM236LJN Suppliers

Business trip a few hours, come home to the road can we do? Pick up a massive can only read a chapter a half section of the book? MP4 watch out or cramped view the "little" film? Recently, the focus on audio and ADM236LJN Suppliers and video industry in China and China recorded high-definition release of the latest portable player - see accompanying HDP1000, since, like watching high-definition audio and video of fashion because people do not have enough fun in the road feel dull, to thin to cool look to the big screen accompanied by high-definition video instead of text and detention heavy visual MP4, enjoy high-definition music with you the journey.

ADM236LJN Price

Sony released another package is to reduce the noise of the digital double sampling circuit of the CMOS sensor (Lecture number: 27.5). Optical size of 1/1.8 inches, about 2.76 million total pixels. By calculation, the pixel interval of about 3.7μm. Random noise of 5.2 e, the fixed image noise less than 0.5 electrons. In addition, MEMS-related meetings, Sony will have another publication.

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