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ajor manufacturers now have the global TV market, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, LG, Philips, TTE, and IC ADM3222ARS and some local brands. In the CRT era, Sony is synonymous with top television, the use of the IC is their own development. However, in flat-panel era, falling behind Sony, Sony TV with IC have started from the outside procurement, there are high-end AMD / ATI and Trident support, low-end, there NXP, Trident and other support. Samsung and Sharp are the loyal customers Trident. LG relied on Genesis, Trident and Broadcom. Philips naturally by NXP. Chinese manufacturers are mainly MediaTek and Morningstars program. Konka flat panel TVs are almost all Morningstar IC, TTE, Changhong prefer MediaTek. MediaTeks price higher, with Morningstar products or more. Morningstar accounting for 65% of flat-panel TV market share, this stock never published financial statements are the most distinct is the Taiwanese company MediaTek second.

ADM3222ARS Suppliers

rident is estimated that revenues from product lines acquired in 2009 of approximately $ 500,000,000, of which 60% contributed by the television, 40% contribution by the STB, the acquisition of the Trident more than 2000 have been obtained patent or patent application of consumer IP, which includes motion estimation, motion compensation to, conditional access, and ADM3222ARS Suppliers and 45nm SoC technology, the combined product line to Trident for the digital home market with a large number of semiconductor solutions, Trident is estimated that market in 2010 could reach 50 billion dollar industry.

ADM3222ARS Price

obviously digital and ADM3222ARS Price and analog IP market consolidation trend in the field have shown, now in the digital home and mobile CPU core architecture, IP field, has shown a MIPS, ARM two strong competitive situation, Synopsys and Cadence (Cadence), and other electronic design automation (EDA) tool vendors are actively strengthen IP services, IP industries continue to drive consolidation and development towards stability.

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