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Of course, Apple iPhone, is currently selling well, but the mobile phone industry has been "cut-throat war" is known, and IC ADM691AR and Apple does not own in this field in other areas control. In any case, the phone never profit compared with the iPod, or Macbook. Although the iPhone application store is a promising business model, but large profits to take time.

ADM691AR Suppliers

40 years, although the global semiconductor industry is also cyclical ups and ADM691AR Suppliers and downs, but on the whole, driven by progress in the Moores Law is very fast. Until 2000 the average annual growth rate of 17%, only after 2000, its growth rate slowed down significantly. By Chang in July 2009 in the latest claims, since the semiconductor industry CAGR of 5% -6%. revenue, since the quad-core products to market, help to enhance the average selling price, plus the weight all the way down, Road proportion continued to rise, revenue reached $ 6,819 million, with the previous quarter and same period last year rose by 10.9%, respectively and 28.4%.

ADM691AR Price

evices high voltage, small size BiCMOS process to achieve the highest withstand voltage (80V), excellent ESD performance (± 2kV, Human Body Model) and ADM691AR Price and hot plug capability, in the whole wide operating temperature range with reliable performance. To prevent battery overheating, MAX11080 high-precision overvoltage detection function in the AEC-Q100 2 category temperature range (-40 ℃ to +105 ℃) within the error less than ± 25mV. ddition to projectors, automotive electronics and other industries, the worlds 1 ~ 1.2 billion in shipments of 1.5 billion global mobile phone market, most are optimistic about each industry, the industry that the MEMS components will be so off.

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