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CC1100 with 4 × 4mm 20-pin QFP package, CC1150 using 4 × 4mm 16-pin QFP package. The small size plus a small external components, making the transceiver / transmitter solution size small. CC1100 and IC ADM693AR and CC1150 development kit with a synthetic CC1100/CC1150DK. Customers have purchased CC2500/CC2550DK can buy CC1100EMK and CC1150EMK upgrade existing development kits. CC1100 and CC1150, respectively, the bulk purchase price and $ 0.8 to $ 1.3 (for reference), and plans to begin mass production in the third quarter.

ADM693AR Suppliers

from the 2009 full year, the global market in 2008 will be the basis of still further decline, market growth is expected in the -15% to -20%, while the Chinese market in 2009 will appear for the first time negative growth expected market growth rate of -5% to -10%, respectively. While the 2099 market decline is almost a foregone conclusion, but it should be noted that, because the market has recovered and ADM693AR Suppliers and the low level of the fourth quarter of 2008, the base, the fourth quarter of 2009, the trend decline in the market will start out positive growth, and with the Chinas "home appliances" policy continued in-depth, the second half of 2009, consumer IC market growth rate will be relatively fast. Since 2009, the development of integrated circuit market is cyclical downturn, it is expected that by 2010 there will be a relatively high market growth rate, and the growth momentum in 2010 the first, second quarter reached a peak year of 2010 the Chinese market is expected to growth rate will be about 15%. CC1100 and CC1150 on-chip support, including pre-release, sync word insertion / detection, address check, flexible packet length and automatic CRC. This greatly reduces the burden of external MCU, you can use low-cost MCU.

ADM693AR Price

CC1100 and ADM693AR Price and CC1150 in all frequency bands, providing 10dBm of output power. The sensitivity of these devices and better link performance, transmission distance is long. In addition, the chip has enough frequency spectrum to meet the latest FCC requirements (47.CFR15.247), in the 902-928MHz frequency band without frequency hopping, the output power is higher than-1dBm.

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