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In addition, with Apple (Apple) iPhone launch will remove the function calls and IC ADM706AN and photography and popular iPod Touch, the micro-projector operators also will be encouraged. 2010 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX) exhibition, you can not find a variety of built-in mobile phone base band and digital camera modules, but with the operating system, and simple operation interface, can easily play stored in internal memory or external memory card portable digital audio and video files multimedia players (Portable Multimedia Player, PMP), copy the iPod Touch can be said that the mode of operation.

ADM706AN Suppliers

author point of view: at the high end of market competition is not difficult to understand tranquil, with higher barriers to entry because a large number of children eager to stop the business, and ADM706AN Suppliers and market There are obviously a broader space for development, in contrast to the domestic packaging applications competitive price as the main weapon too tragic. However, after all, LED is a very attractive market, with the rise of emerging enterprises, competition will intensify. When the price war competition between manufacturers has become a magic weapon, then, LED universal day is not far.

ADM706AN Price

Iphone has broken the world records, more incredible is that the trend is fast changing market, iphone can be hot for so long is a miracle. This aspect is of human design iphone refreshing, on the other hand is a powerful performance to expand the use of mobile phones offers endless possibilities.

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