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polysilicon is a form of elemental silicon. Crystalline silicon materials (including silicon and IC ADM810LARTZ-REEL7 and monocrystalline silicon) is the most important photovoltaic materials for a long period of time is the main material of solar cells, electronic industry, widely used in the manufacture transistor radios, tape recorders, refrigerators, color TV, VCR, computer and other basic materials. As information technology and the rapid development of solar energy industry, the global rapid growth in demand for polysilicon, the market demand. Last 10 years, as global demand for polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic boom at an annual growth rate of more than 40%. Polysilicon materials, production technology, especially tons of polysilicon production technology have long held in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries in the hands of blocking the formation of technology and market monopoly.

ADM810LARTZ-REEL7 Suppliers

With a face-lift will be the original 8800GS to 9600GSO named the new mainstream graphics card reached the industry, MSI has also introduced a product called N9600GSO-T2D384 graphics card products, one of the characteristics of the card will be the largest terms in the heat of the MSI with the new "seaweed fan," patented technology, at present, this card's offer of 599 yuan, a very cost-effective.


While MCP68 and ADM810LARTZ-REEL7 Price and win 690G, when life and death, INTEL series integrated motherboard to be outdone, the first integrated graphics GMA3000 support dx10 comes quietly, 946GZ and G965 integrated GMA3000 graphic core, however, is relative to the G965, 946GZ becomes more affordable, cost-effective. SOYO SY-I5P46-G re-arrival of the motherboard for entry-level integration to add a pork Reggie.

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