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"Said NAND dead too exaggerated," Shirley said. "In the 20nm range, we still see the incredible miniature." In fact, Micron, Intel plans to launch later this year 2x-nm NAND components. The component range between 25nm to 30nm. In the laboratory, the two companies have developed the following components 20nm, he added, 1x-nm products is feasible.

ADM811MARTZ-REEL7 Suppliers

Shih said, "Renewable Energy Development Bill" has been sent to the "Legislative Yuan" to promote the bill as a priority, the authorities also actively through tax incentives, financing, to help resolve construction sites and ADM811MARTZ-REEL7 Suppliers and water and electricity, etc., to assist industry development. The past semiconductor, flat panel display industry, the successful development experience, I believe Taiwan will become the worlds most important production base of solar photovoltaic products.


China Telecom will be December 1, 2001 onwards for replacement of telephone card business. Replaced for a period of four months, which ended March 31, 2002 only. December 31, 2002 24 hours, the phone card would be discontinued.

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