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MAX7389/MAX7390 clock frequency of 1MHz to 16MHz factory set range. Can have 4 standard clock frequency selection. Time work in the 12MHz voltage 5.5V. MAX7389/MAX7390 provide a watchdog function. Watchdog clock frequency programmable, reset time can be selected in the 16ms to 2048ms. MAX7389 provides a separate watchdog output, can provide status indication. 1.1V low-voltage reset and IC ADM9240ARU and effective, ± 10mA clock input drive current.

ADM9240ARU Suppliers

AMD Mobile Sempron 3400 + processor, the retail price of 17,900 yen, off contract 1300RMB. Maxim (Maxim) has introduced a new micro-controller clock generator MAX7389/MAX7390, to provide the clock source, the reset and ADM9240ARU Suppliers and watchdog functions for household appliances, automotive electronics, handheld, micro- controller system, hand-held equipment.

ADM9240ARU Price

To model the real clear real situation of Chinas semiconductor industry, the use of WSTS (World Semiconductor statistics agency) in the global semiconductor industry and ADM9240ARU Price and CSIA data released by China Semiconductor Industry Association, comparing aggregate data, made the following two tables are as follows: AMD Mobile Sempron 3400 + processor, recently landed in Japan Akihabara market as a Socket 754 interface to the processor, Mobile Sempron 3400 + is a 25W TDP low-power version of the most high-end models, the core frequency 2.0GHz, secondary cache 256KB.

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