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Ic ADP3020A

In response to customer needs, the new Don with 8-bit microcontroller technology device price, 32-bit performance NuMicro family, to create product value. NuMicro family at its core running at up to 50MHz, the equivalent of 45DMIPS, 4 thousand million per second instruction; built-in 32-bit multiplier, nested interrupt control structure NVIC, APB dual-channel design, and IC ADP3020A and configure the peripheral direct memory access PDMA ; built-in 32K to 128K Flash memory and 16K Bytes SRAM, integrated capabilities and features high-performance peripherals, the system performance to the limit. Communication part, NuMicro integrated family of high-speed UART, SPI, I2C, USB 2.0 FS; analog peripheral part, NuMicro family provides high-speed 12-bit 8-channel analog-digital converter ADC, 2-channel comparator, low-voltage detection function, in addition to pulse width modulation PWM, capture and compare functions. In addition, # LINKKEYWORD0 #, LIN, IrDA, USB 2.0 FS Device, PS2, 4 sets of 32-bit clock Timer, RTC, Watchdog Watch Dog Timer, internal oscillator, internal reset, which also built in the NuMicro family. Some key features, in addition to the core and the surrounding Cortex-M0 IP features, the new Tang unique high anti-jamming technology, anti-noise, industrial / automotive temperature specification design to better meet the customers for high quality, high-performance general-purpose microcontroller requirements.

ADP3020A Suppliers

Vegetables will be labeled for detection of juice, the juice into a column in the enzyme under test 1 to 2 minutes, then remove the insertion detection equipment, the enzyme column and ADP3020A Suppliers and the other one as the reference, the whole process as long as 9 minutes, can detect the presence of pesticide residues in vegetables. The new "rapid detection of pesticide residues on-site", recently by the Shanghai University of Technology Professor Ze-Zhao Hua success. Our current method of pesticide residue is more complex, first through the sampling, extraction, purification, concentration, and many other process, and then by gas chromatography, high (pressure) liquid chromatography and other methods for testing. Although these methods with high precision, but expensive equipment, high running costs, testing a long time, not suitable for rapid detection in the field. "Rapid detection of pesticide residues in the scene" in the detector of only 3 kg, in the detection, through the bio-sensitive components - under test and the reference of the two enzymes in the column temperature in the reaction chamber contrast, then come to trace pesticide concentrations, to detect the target. The testing center in Shanghai, China pesticide industry identification of test points, when the pesticide levels in fruits and vegetables for the 5 / 10000000, the detector developed by the detection of pesticides was 100%. The current detector production has been transferred to the enterprise.

ADP3020A Price

Free mind, return to innocence - relaxed, is a way of life. Parker proud technology was first introduced to European leisure models V597, into the loss to the romantic style into northern Europe, the interpretation of man and ADP3020A Price and machine, nature and machine blending the perfect combination. 4G now only 299 yuan, affordable purchase price for a leisurely family.

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