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International Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition and IC ADP3157JR and Forum on behalf of the Organizing Committee Tian Lei analysis, Chinas mobile phone industry in 2007 achieved a breakthrough in mobile phone users 500 million, and the total number of mobile phone manufacturing in China is expected to reach 5.6 million units, after two major breakthroughs, as the largest mobile phone industry in China Exhibition and Forum, IMIE will no doubt focus on the creation of Chinas mobile phone industry and the global industry environment on aggregate industrial resources then IMIE domestic partners will jointly organize a series of exciting network of exhibitions and seminars.

ADP3157JR Suppliers

Germany, the world's leading lighting manufacturers Norka selected SABIC Innovative Plastics LexanDMX ultra-high-performance polycarbonate (PC) copolymer resins for its Luzern38 light-emitting diode (LED) lamps in the new production line. LexanDMX resin can withstand livestock like cattle shed, zoos and ADP3157JR Suppliers and other animal cage captive market such harsh conditions and high ammonia environment in which Norka to create a specialized niche market for this special lighting products.

ADP3157JR Price

Approved in China invention patent applications, applications from abroad accounted for 82% and ADP3157JR Price and higher levels of technology; patent applications from China accounted for 18%, and low-tech. Concerned that the "82:18" China highlights the difficulties faced by independent intellectual property rights. 23 to 24, the province of Jiangsu Province held a working meeting the Secretary of intellectual property. At the meeting, Director of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, said Yong-Shun Wang, the worlds largest multinational companies in its main markets have a large number of patents, technology and strength of the companies also often have a lot of patent applications. Many developed countries and multinational companies through access to intellectual property at home and abroad, protect and extend the economic advantages of its technology, to developing countries and their enterprises in the technology and the market constitute a serious constraints. Experts said that China as a developing country, has been working to narrow the gap between developed countries in science and technology development, the current breakthroughs in developed countries facing the challenges of intellectual property rights barriers. According to statistics, Chinas invention patent applications, foreign applications and domestic applications for foreign institutions have been more than half of the total applications, but also abroad, mainly in high technology applications, such as in radio transmission, mobile communications, semiconductor, medicine , computers and other areas of foreign applications accounted for an absolute advantage. This situation of Chinas technological innovation and economic development constitutes a considerable degree of impact. Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office Zhu Yu introduced, according to the statistics, 99% of the enterprises do not own patents, trademarks owned enterprises are also only 40% of the domestic core technologies with independent intellectual property rights of enterprises accounted for only ten thousandths, many enterprises "are not manufactured to create, did not have knowledge of property rights." Experts said, "82:18" situation must change, otherwise, the goal of building an innovation-oriented country will be difficult to achieve.

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