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TSMC 12-inch plant expansion moves by the economic uncertainty influence again, reduce the expansion rate of about 2 percent, semiconductor equipment maker pointed out, of which the most TSMC South Fab14 three expansion conservative. 07 Q4 connector market price was flat. 08 1 quarter of the price of universal connector may be subject to erosion, but the special price and IC ADS1100A1IDBVT and high-end connectors to be flat or even rose slightly.

ADS1100A1IDBVT Suppliers

Nokia 6230i is still the TFT screen with 65,536 colors, but the original size of the Nokia 6230i in the 6230 case of a small increase in screen (6230 screen is 27.3 × 27.3mm, 6230i, compared with 30 × 30mm) on the switch to the 208 × 208 pixel high resolution, high-image screen 4 times to form a lattice to 6230i and ADS1100A1IDBVT Suppliers and 6230 both show the world different, the screen is fine just lovely people, the natural color of the transition is also true.

ADS1100A1IDBVT Price

In this case, SMIC is the third opened the gap is being increasingly marginalized. But even so, enter 2009, through several quarters of earnings, SMIC can still find some of the highlights in operation. First, the completion of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, diamond-shaped layout, with a wide range of product line assets; Secondly, the mainland local customers are increasing each quarter, accounting for SMIC is gradually increasing the proportion of revenue; the third, has been huge amount of drag on the stock SMIC depreciation provision is completed next year, which means loss of up to 9 years may start SMIC profit next year. TSMC internal

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