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Ic ADS1213E

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced the launch of an integrated hot swap control and IC ADS1213E and precision digital current monitoring of the latest high-integration of protective devices. The TPS2480 controller provides the highest accuracy measurements of power use under different temperature error of less than 1% accuracy, which can help system designers to generate a detailed history of system performance, predict failure conditions, the implementation of advanced health monitoring system power.

ADS1213E Suppliers

inverter module electronic attenuator allows ZVA110 even in frequencies above 70 GHz, the power can easily complete the calibration and ADS1213E Suppliers and power sweep, and amplifier compression point and other measurements. Depending on the application, the test pieces 1 mm waveguide through the interface or directly through the wafer probe connections. Basic unit of R & S ZVA67 measured with 4 ports, 4 independent internal excitation, eight measuring receiver. Such a structure for the multi-port amplifier, mixer and balance testing device provides more convenience. R & S ZVA110 can also be measured at very high resolution, very narrow pulses (12.5ns, pulse measurement mode).

ADS1213E Price

R & S ZVA110 in the 10 MHz to 110 GHz frequency range continuously measuring the characteristics of a two-port. The vector network analyzer is ideal for applications such as the following choice: automotive radar systems and ADS1213E Price and car parking aid (77 GHz), general radar applications (eg, 94 GHz) or high-speed point to point communication system (79/80 GHz), etc. . In the millimeter wave band (eg, millimeter wave imaging, etc.) for research or R & D engineers will also benefit from R & S ZVA110 excellent performance.

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