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The MDL-S2E is the first serial to Ethernet converter module, with a highly integrated ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with efficient network traffic handling performance and IC ADS774JP and extremely gifted 50MHz single-cycle chip Flash and SRAM memory. for maximum space savings, the Stellaris microcontroller uses a small BGA package, and integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY on-chip. included in the module pre-programmed software to static IP address or DHCP (Dynamic Host Configure Protocol, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) support IP configuration; for the Telnet server serial port; network module configuration server; for the device to search UDP responder; one for the Ethernet-based serial port Expander Telnet client; SSH server for secure communication .

ADS774JP Suppliers

The Intelligent Display Module Reference Design Kit (Reference Design Kit) includes an Ethernet cable wall power supply and ADS774JP Suppliers and all components of design information includes CD (including schematics, materials list, Gerber files, software source code and documentation). all publicly available information on modular design, free up (NRE) and royalty, on any Stellaris-based design to use and modify .

ADS774JP Price

The compact network intelligent display module (Intelligent Display Module) for the control, automation and ADS774JP Price and instrumentation applications provides a complete graphical touch screen user interface solution. Stellaris MDL-IDM has a 2.8 "QVGA 16-bit color LCD resistive touch screen and Ethernet (Power-over-Ethernet, referred to as PoE) capabilities for manufacturing through a single CAT-5 Ethernet cable with while maintaining access to power and network connectivity of intelligent terminals provide a convenient way. Or, the module can also by a standard 24V DC power supply, or 5V DC power supply terminal. The MDL-IDM module also has more serial port options in order to achieve and the integration of embedded control devices HMI (Human Machine Interface, referred to as HMI) touch display as easy implementation. The intelligent display module is equipped with 256K Flash and 64K single-cycle high-performance single-cycle SRAM Stellaris LM3S6918MCU on the basis of a 128K also include additional memory, an SD Card interface, an audio sensor, a relay output module, and four analog input module . The intelligent display module of the software include the Stellaris Graphics Library and Stellaris Peripheral Driver Library. The software provides a simple C / C + + application programming, these programs were able to generate IDM graphic elements and control LM3S6918 MCU peripherals. Stellaris Graphics Library supports components (buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, text or image canvas elements), and the basic primitives (lines, circles, rectangles, and text rendering). The software support also includes a comprehensive support package for the touch screen, SD Card interface , relay output module, voice functions and analog inputs provide software drivers .

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