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(Electronic markets Reuters) February 10 news, developer Transmeta processor, recently said that U.S. technology export restrictions by the impact of policies the company had with Chinas Hong Kong Cultural Communications Group signed the Technology chip companies authorized the contract will not be implemented. It SiliconStrategies reports, Transmeta and IC ADS8342IPFBT and in May 2005 signed a value of $ 15,000,000 of the agreement, which includes 130-nanometer processors to license manufacturing technology. However, according to Transmeta has revealed that the U.S. restrictions on technology export policy, the company can not be scheduled to obtain the relevant licensing the technology export sector. Therefore, after consultations, the two sides agreed to cancel the contract. But the two sides will maintain close cooperation for the future. Transmeta CEO and president Arthur Swift said in a statement: "Although the 130-nanometer manufacturing technology has reached the edge of competitive advantage, but the technology is still very advanced, is still in the list is limited to the export of technology. After the United States government officials multiple representations, still not the time limit prescribed in the contract to obtain export licenses. "

ADS8342IPFBT Suppliers

open source is a development of a new smart phone trends, current, intelligent mobile phone manufacturers and ADS8342IPFBT Suppliers and operators have announced their own open source strategy or product. Not long ago, Google has just launched the Android open source mobile platform plans.

ADS8342IPFBT Price

Crown Ming-card by the current level of more and ADS8342IPFBT Price and more consumers, its low cost and powerful features for the students is undoubtedly inexpensive family. Recently pushed a new crown Crown Ming Ming 9600GTDDR3 (Extreme Edition) graphics card is now listed in the market price of 350 yuan.

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