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Ic ADSP-21061LKS-176

Chinese PV companies have about 98% of the market in foreign countries, products are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Spain, Japan and IC ADSP-21061LKS-176 and other countries. The second half of this year, the euro fell sharply, the rate of devaluation is more than dollars. Nearly three months, the euro-dollar exchange rate fell by more than 21%.

ADSP-21061LKS-176 Suppliers

vehicle emissions and ADSP-21061LKS-176 Suppliers and safety requirements continue to increase, passive sensors in some applications can not meet the precision requirements. For example, countries with the automobile emission standard IV Ⅲ and the implementation of the country, for the crankshaft and camshaft passive sensors can not meet the requirements of precise control, which need to use a new type of Hall sensors or giant magnetoresistive sensor instead. "Active sensors will gradually replace the passive sensor." Shen Shun Wai told the "China Electronics News" reporter. According to reports, Infineon this year focused on the introduction of digital processing power of the Hall sensors and giant magnetoresistance (GMR) sensor. Relative to the analog output of the Hall sensor, digital output of the sensor has higher accuracy and temperature compensation capability, the output signal is also easier to handle. Giant magnetoresistive sensor with high sensitivity, fast response, compact and simple design, can be 7mm air gap. "Active sensors more accurate, more timely, more intelligent, active sensors and thus will be more widely applied. For example, parking sensor and TPMS in the use of ultrasonic sensors and active RFID (radio frequency identification technology) sensor .

ADSP-21061LKS-176 Price

Worlds second largest newspaper the New York Power chip maker - AMD Company (AMD) 9 said Monday, by the impact of falling prices, the companys first quarter revenues only 12.3 million, below market expectations of 1.54 billion by 20%. AMD company said the decline in product prices and ADSP-21061LKS-176 Price and sales revenue is the main reason for the company. Analysts said AMD with its powerful rival Intel Corp. race to cut prices, a direct result of AMDs revenue decline. Small and independent computer maker AMD chip is traditionally the main buyers, but their purchases of AMD products, the decline highlights the AMD and Intel price war between the intensity. However, AMD said the companys capital spending this year will be cut by 20%, making the companys stock price rise, not fall. However, insiders pointed out that AMD is intended to focus this short-term profits at the expense of the long-term market share, the success of this strategy should be worried.

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