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Ic ADV7152LS220

in Shanghai, Intels Sean Maloney at the image of China Audio-sharing and IC ADV7152LS220 and personal publishing site Tudou MOU signing ceremony, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in mobile Internet device application mode cooperation, and how to use Intels new technology platform for the Internet to provide energy efficient solutions in the web 2.0 age to obtain win-win situation. Gartner expects the global increase in demand for semiconductor products will further expand in the second and third quarter demand for the silicon wafer.

ADV7152LS220 Suppliers

ompared with Tianyu, Huawei, ZTE, the two local giants operating in the telecommunications industry for longer, their performance in the mobile phone market is also becoming more and ADV7152LS220 Suppliers and more stable. In 2007, ZTEs handset sales volume exceeded 31 million, in 2008, the companys mobile phone sales broke through the 45 million, an increase of the half.

ADV7152LS220 Price

Recently learned from Hisense Group, China has attracted worldwide attention with the first fully independent intellectual property rights of digital video processing chip, "the letter-core" second generation products, successful debut recently in the United States ces show in Las Vegas. "Select ces show in this years starter, is to select the letter-core second-generation technology standard is also matching the timing and ADV7152LS220 Price and the stage." Hisense "Father of the letter-core" war Jia Jin told reporters. It is reported that in the global electronics market leading technology publishing, fresh-baked "information chip" the first day of the second generation display that sought access to overseas manufacturers from Europe and Mexico, some manufacturers have in-depth communication between the procurement plan . The "letter-core" second generation of the exhibition also attracted the concern of the worlds chip design giant, Chinas own chip design has become an international stage to be reckoned with. Hisense "letter-core" second generation integrates several modules, the digital image and video processing core technology with completely independent intellectual property rights; in quality improvement, edge enhancement, image scaling, deinterlacing, motion detection, 3d digital down noise, gamma correction, leading-edge technology. It is understood, Hisense, "the letter-core" second generation already has the maturity of commercial conditions, as well as in the Hisense flat-panel high-definition TV on a large scale application. Hisense also became the first company to master the core technologies used flat-panel TV manufacturers.

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