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According to foreign media reports, from IBM, Macronix (Macronix) and IC ADV7176KS and Qimonda (Qimonda) R & D team composed of such companies, said recently that it has developed to manufacture high-speed "phase transition (phase-change)" Memory of the material; with the current compared to commonly used flash memory, phase change memory speeds of 500 to 1000 times higher than the former, energy consumption will be significantly reduced. It is reported that the new material for the compound semiconductor alloys. IBM Nanoscale Science Spike Narayan, senior manager of foreign (SpikeNarayan) said: "With the phase-change memory, flash memory can do many tasks that currently can not." At the upcoming San Francisco, "2006 International Electron Devices Conference," R & D personnel will announce the details of the progress of this technology. The R & D team, said phase-change memory to meet the electronics industry, "small size, low power," the demand, and is expected to replace the current dominance of flash memory. IBM TC Chen, vice president of technology (T. CChen) said that many experts predict that before long, flash memory will face the challenge of how to reduce the volume, and phase-change memory can be played while maintaining small size high performance. R & D from the member also said that although the development of new materials is the first time, scientists on the phase-change technology research for several decades and some research results have been applied to DVD and CD products. Narayan said Yang, Samsung and Intel have been making the development of phase change memory devices. Vice President of Qimonda Wei Lian Bei En Wo Eagle (WilhelmBeinvogl), said phase change memory, the memory system in the future play an important role.

ADV7176KS Suppliers

the above problems, the information timely introduction of Ficus billion MST-082 high-precision digital tester for testing high-speed digital input channels and ADV7176KS Suppliers and the channel response time resolution time, with the SOE station test station test between the SOE, the digital input detection, remote storm, remote response time testing, remote testing and many other features can also be used for self-calibration of the detector, and other practical function. The detector large screen LCD panel and keyboard dual operation, high precision and easy operation. According to an authoritative accreditation body evaluation, the parameters of the leading domestic level indicators, power plants, electric power companies and affiliated industry (supply) Bureau, substations and other units can be timely application of promotion. since the end of last year, the stock market into a longer period of adjustment But yesterday, a record low 3902 points. "No adjustment is also called the market?" Fan Fuchun asked. He believes that this market adjustment has a complex internal and external reasons.

ADV7176KS Price

However, the global processor camp, they are not the only two to compete. The same technology in the Intel camp, AMD, new products are toward the mobile Internet by extension, the graphics card to its advantage is expected to end in the handheld audio and ADV7176KS Price and video networking market, come out on top; Taiwan, VIA and the other recent high profile last year, though no longer, but still cottage market quite reputation. That war of words with many years of Intel NVIDIA, the world is rapidly snatch MID market. For the Commission supervision over the markets ups and downs with the index of how far, Fan Fuchun explained that taking part in two sessions: "The SFC will not interfere with management index The ups and downs, but the Commission will be to study the reasons behind the Index Change ."

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