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to be truly worried about is that many of the main cottage, cottage Army nearly six months time if not quickly blaze a new trail, opened up one of their own base, since I am afraid no chance. "The truth is, compared with the regular notebook computers, the Internet or a computer fast moving consumer goods, half a year if the market still do not get up after a difficult chance." A cottage owners said, "to say the least, if consumption of a further six months, I am afraid that very few have the patience to be the main cottage sustain ."

ADV7196AKS Suppliers

Amoi Electronics said last year, Chinas mobile phone production approval system formally abolished, the number of mobile phone companies explosion led to intense market competition, gross profit dropped significantly. Meanwhile, foreign brands on price, relying on technological superiority and ADV7196AKS Suppliers and advantages of scale, reduce costs, leading to sustained reductions in share of domestic mobile phone. Although the second half of the high-end products the company made a strategic adjustment, the timely introduction of a variety of smart phones with GPS capabilities, and further expand the proportion of overseas sales, but failed to timely amend for changes in the market sales model, the adjustment of product structure, optimizing internal organizations, high costs, the overall failure to achieve the desired level of profitability, combined with continuing losses LCD TV business impact of full year results drastic decline. another Many main cottage is noted that many cities in the country at present, the formal product is experiencing a serious shortage notebook, "the regular brand of out of stock, which the cottage is definitely a good opportunity, even in front of Daoshanhuohai, we must quickly jump in ."

ADV7196AKS Price

"Internet cottage really want to develop or rely on the domestic market." Cottage, a master of anonymity, told reporters that "despite the cottage occupied Legion the domestic market temporarily be difficult, but it is also the opportunity to present, in the domestic market, cottage, or a blank Internet, pre-emptive thing ."

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