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He Kaijun: LED as the energy industry by all levels of government and IC AFE1203E and enterprises of great concern and attention, LED industry formidable, ferocious, unstoppable whirlwind blowing the country investment boom, in the eyes of a feather whirlwind to heaven, or even just a few kilometers can be heaven. However, there is a big investor blindness, not implement the scientific concept of development, understand the blind on the LED epitaxial semiconductor, understand the blind into the LED lighting, lighting, understand the blind on the road lighting LED lights, 90% of these enterprises in the cyclone outer ring, fall would be tragic. And blindly putting in a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, consume a lot of energy, waste a lot of resources, it hurts. I, as a conscience of the old science and technology workers, the past few years has been to persuade companies not to blindly on the LED lights, Xiamen, or on more than 30, I think this is the formation of the government misled the company is not normal, and generally impatient, quick success I hope all levels of government will sit down and guide the LED industry, science, health and orderly development.

AFE1203E Suppliers

waveguide can be attributed to the huge loss of further deterioration of the industry operating environment, including a few international brands of strong growth, the domestic "black mobile phone" swamped and AFE1203E Suppliers and so on. "Company management has taken to adjust product structure, re-integration of sales channels, expanding exports and other measures, the overall sales volume was essentially flat with the previous year, but failed to reverse the significant decline in domestic market share, sales revenue, gross margin decline in negative situation, leading to the company, there was greater loss. "Bird said.

AFE1203E Price

Mifare Classic chip sales in the family is huge. The memory support of 1-4KB of capacity, the NXP RFID Competence Center Austria, a spokesman explained. Since the market since the 90s of last century, a dedicated 48-bit encoding scheme is not without considering the requirements of today. Therefore, NXP believes that there is no need to modify the encryption scheme.

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