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Ic AK8560

IP65 protection class, resistance to humidity: Under the Setra application experience, field temperature sensor fault, largely because of moisture into the casing, causing the circuit board or condensate sensor failure; STC IP65 sealed enclosure using the maximum to avoid this problem ;

AK8560 Suppliers

With the home user requirements for digital entertainment applications, a gradual increase, the consumer the choice of the threshold for the liquid crystal display higher and AK8560 Suppliers and higher. In the 19-inch LCD into the mainstream, the 22-inch LCD monitor is becoming more and more users preferred, sales skyrocketed. Wall display monitor as a national brand leader in the rapidly in recent years among the brands line

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"before the launch DS28DG02, equipment designers usually four discrete IC to achieve a similar function," Maxims mixed-signal memory product line Business Director Scott Jones said the road. The four discrete components including EEPROM, real-time clock (RTC), port expander, and AK8560 Price and CPU control / monitor. If the designer to be integrated in the circuit ROM ID and active backup battery monitor to the need for more discrete components. The multiple bus interface devices, power supply bypass filtering, and PCB board design difficulty increases, making such a separation of more complex hardware design of the program. At the same time configuration and control of multiple devices also increases the difficulty of discrete software programs. compared with the conventional discrete solutions, DS28DG02 integration programs, and the memory array and single set of control / status registers in the complex has obvious advantages.

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