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Ic ALC100P

Portable stereo audio cable digital audio has been committed to moving research and IC ALC100P and development in digital audio on the basis of the existing comprehensive upgrade of the Digital Natural Sound technology, the music more delicate and realistic, the shock effect to bring exciting.

ALC100P Suppliers

1080p Full HD high definition resolution, more efficient display of digital media in this worlds first 24-inch 16:9 Full HD TV products to be Moroccan, focus high definition video and ALC100P Suppliers and audio integration of applications and desktop calculator, the resolution is set to traditional desktop display and high-definition video and audio supported by the common 1920 × 1080 resolution. Traditional 16:10 1680 × 1050 WSXGA + or 1920 × 1200 WUXGA resolution monitor, display high-definition video and audio in applications such as DVD and Blu-ray high-definition digital TV, there will be 1080p information into distortion. This product not only for the distortion of the solutions put forward, in addition to further improve the experience on the high-definition display memory buffer allocation, and other related issues, so that application of high-definition digital content can be better presented in television and display of digital display platform.

ALC100P Price

Timing is about to enter the end of Q1, Q2 outlook semiconductors, according to wafer foundries and ALC100P Price and packaging and testing plant came the message, the semiconductor industry seems to cloudless, communications chip and graphics chip maker a single force under continued warming, wafer foundries and packaging and testing factory orders over hand, order visibility has been stretched to see in June, is still expected to be operational in Q2 look pretty. However, the semiconductor production capacity in short supply, the industry came a number of chip maker TSMC chairman Morris Chang met with the owner, expressing concern about the situation of supply capacity. In addition, concern over the outside orders (Overbooking) will occur, the industry is that the present there is no significant signs.

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