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Ic AM29F010B-120JC

CCL performance improvement and IC AM29F010B-120JC and performance breakthroughs in the key is epoxy resin. CCL to improve product performance requirements of epoxy resin is mainly adjusted by formula, process improvement, and other means of adding additives to achieve performance improvement and improved. Chinas annual output of 30 million tons of epoxy resin not only become the worlds largest producer, with annual consumption of 60 million tons as the world number one power consumption, but also in product quality has also been a qualitative leap, but the electronics industry epoxy resin is used for insulation the high end of epoxy resin applications, is still dependent on imports. We are optimistic about the future improvement of the domestic supply bottlenecks. Ultrasonic Electronics vertical integration have CCL and PCB production capacity, health benefits costs to have a strong science and technology capacity is a concern.

AM29F010B-120JC Suppliers

most of the three main raw materials to be imported, the price with the international copper prices, high and AM29F010B-120JC Suppliers and volatile oil prices present situation, therefore, has the ability to shift the cost and vertical integration The company can effectively avoid the risk of price fluctuations of raw materials. In high-grade electrolytic copper foil is the largest copper demand CCL; the global supply of electrolytic copper foil slightly smaller than the demand, the current thickness of 35μm is still the mainstream, the main supplier for Japan and Taiwan manufacturers. In addition to manufacturers in Mainland China is currently only supporting CCL copper foil production, the only two major suppliers of copper foil production capacity of about 27,000 tons / year, the industrys need to import 80% of copper.

AM29F010B-120JC Price

CCL standardized manufacturing industry has emerged as the characteristics of a high degree of industry concentration. In the three main sub-sectors, CR10 has reached more than 90%, CR4 close to 60%, showing a high concentration of the industry trend. We think the first is due to dislocation of the major manufacturers to competitive strategies, resulting in sub-industry concentration is much higher than the overall industry concentration. High barriers to entry of small enterprises, to avoid a large number of dispersed small business market share to happen. For large enterprises, the entry threshold is not high, in this threat, the industry gross profit margin maintained at a relatively reasonable position to potential entrants into the actual entrants is limited. CCL-scale production combined with the characteristics of the industry, making the market concentration, especially in sub-market concentration is very high.

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