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in the on-chip digital signal processor (DSP), the functional capacity, the main circuit voltage and IC AM53CF94JC and main circuit current is calculated directly. By user applications, but also realize the reactive power and apparent power calculation. AS8268 64-pin LQFP packages, with the currently available AS8218 and AS8228 products have pin compatibility. AS8268 samples can be provided in Q2 2007.

AM53CF94JC Suppliers

UltimateEars (the body of the United States) Four American iron manufacturers of dynamic headphones professional, his work is the interpretation, reduction tool for the concert live sound, UE With more than ten years as a top studio musicians to create a strong foundation of hearing surveillance terminal, created a series of hall-class sound quality headphones. Both Tsai's bass heavy, Faye Wong's decadent, or Han's high-pitched bright, Cui Jian's cloudy or blasting. Rulin UE can make you relive the scene like the sound of love.

AM53CF94JC Price

Want to create can and AM53CF94JC Price and can squeeze into the deformation is smaller than the space maggot chemical robot? U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA recently issued a collection called ChemBots proposal requirements. The robot will be developed into the restricted area or danger area in the military action on a wide range of advantages given to fighters. DARPA said in a statement issued by the robot to provide attractive and efficient access to means of developing the agency expects a soft, flexible and mobile robots that can squeeze into and through buildings, walls and small openings underground. It is also hoped that the robot is large enough to carry "meaningful operational load." Robot must be able to move around and perceive a small opening, deformation to pass through the opening, then re-defined size, shape and function. They can self-generating, self-consumption or self-cleared. They can automatically or user control, but need not rigidly adhere to the controller or power supply. The agency said that developers can use several methods, including shape memory materials, reversible chemical combination of substances or particles, geometry changes and new materials or structures.

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