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Ic AM79R79-1JC

Internets development is clearly contrary to all the expectations, well-known market research IDC, the Internet had the 2008 global shipments from the original estimate of 300 million increase to 1080 million units, and IC AM79R79-1JC and forecast 2009 global shipments will reach 20.8 million units, accounting for the notebook computer market 11-12%.

AM79R79-1JC Suppliers

According to Taiwan media reports, in order to increase the DDR2 market share and AM79R79-1JC Suppliers and competitiveness, Taiwans ProMOS Technologies Inc. (ProMOS Technologies) has begun production of TSOP package, DDR2, BGA package than the previous DDR2 lower cost. DRAM transition from DDR to DDR2, packaging technology is also changing. DDR traditional use of TSOP, but the general use of DDR2 BGA. The main difference between the two processes is the bottom of the metal connector materials and IC materials. In fact, DRAM makers say, DDR2 is subject to a large extent, the growth rate of international crude oil prices, leading Intel and other storage vendors DDR2 chip supply tension. Although the PC OEM and gradually increase the use of DDR2, but the relationship between cost and performance DDR2 makes slow progress.

AM79R79-1JC Price

semiconductor lighting is considered the most valuable in the 21st century a new light. Semiconductor light compared with incandescent and AM79R79-1JC Price and fluorescent lamps, photoelectric conversion efficiency, and no heat loss, long life. The same brightness, the semiconductor light ordinary incandescent electric energy consumption is only 1 / 10, while life expectancy is 100 times greater than incandescent, and no pollution, no UV, infrared and thermal radiation, is the real green light. The semiconductor light source has been widely used in life, color TVs, cell phones, traffic lights, park lighting and other semiconductor light sources are able to see the figure, replacing the existing lighting is becoming a daily reality.

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