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Ic AM85C30-8JC

press statement of the Ministry of Commerce Chong Quan, who spoke on this yesterday, said the Chinese side to make the U.S. countervailing investigations on Chinese coated paper regrets the decision of the investigation. The U.S. decision is inconsistent with WTO rules, also in violation of relevant United States law. United States 20 years regardless of market economic reforms of Chinas tremendous achievements, as the Chinese insist on a non-market economy. On the one hand, exports to China in anti-dumping investigations in a discriminatory "surrogate country" approach; the other hand, they also start anti-subsidy investigations against Chinese products, Chinese products have constituted a double discrimination.

AM85C30-8JC Suppliers

U.S. Department of Commerce data showed that investigations were launched by the United States of NewPage Group, is the first time since 1991 countervailing duty actions against China. The beginning of the survey, you need to re-consider the U.S. Department of Commerce has long been on the implementation of non-market economies are not countervailing duty policy, this discussion will be in the survey results are announced. United States International Trade Commission will be made after December 15 the loss of the initial determination. Indeed, if Chinas coated paper exports to the United States pose a threat to local businesses, then the investigation will be continued. And the Commerce Department will begin preparing its decision, is expected to released in January 2007.

AM85C30-8JC Price

the industry speculated that the central bank may be decisive for the open market on Thursday suspended two considerations, one is to reduce the capital return on the market; Second, the central bank to avoid tender notes further boost money market interest rates rise. Some researchers believe that, from the current situation to stabilize the high cost of capital, need to suppress demand for funds from money market holdings and AM85C30-8JC Price and start to increase, such as relaxing the capital side, speed up the reserve ratio for commercial banks to finance the recovery speed.

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