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semiconductor components used in each vehicle, the number of average annual growth rate of 6%, experts predict that the semiconductor components used in cars by 2015 will increase the number of doubled. In addition, increasingly stringent security (such as the occupant position detection, and IC AMP02BIEP and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring)), exhaust emissions and fuel consumption requirements are also encourage car manufacturers to develop more hybrid cars, such as diesel, flexible fuel (FlexFuel) cars, gasoline, direct injection of hydrogen fuel cars and trucks. All these needs require advanced electronic components.

AMP02BIEP Suppliers

Tektronix Southern Region Manager, Distribution Products Division client the right to point out that Chen: "LED single-tube heat obvious direct impact on heat dissipation in the field of alternative lighting; current LEDs cost is still high, especially in the larger initial investment and AMP02BIEP Suppliers and affect its expansion to a wider area; now there is no clear standard in the country, is expected to form during the year, at this stage to refer to some of the more stringent industry standards for design. "


Now, most users are most concerned about is Zanji CPU, motherboards, hard drives, memory, is followed by keyboard, mouse, comfort, the chassis, is often seen in the past without too many demands on the line. Users not only do not attach importance to the chassis products, is also rare and AMP02BIEP Price and detailed media coverage, resulting in more choice does not attach importance to the chassis. In fact, the role of the chassis is roughly equivalent to the house for the family. Case not only the external image of the computer, but also charged with the protection of the host system, the motherboard, hard drive, power supply and other components to provide based on other important tasks, the role of the chassis can be said to not be taken lightly. Faced with this predicament, the Patriots refused to represent the edge of domestic manufacturers, with excellent product and the persistent belief, so that more and more users in the selection of the chassis when the effect is no longer so.

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