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Ic AN5650

Excellent addition to the United States P82 superior screen for watching movies, viewing pictures is also very suitable. Screen can display 30 thumbnails of photos taken when they go out, you can directly import the P82 preview, it supports JPG, PNG, BMP and IC AN5650 and other image formats and slide browsing, reading speed express, but also the background music while browsing , adjust the screen brightness and playback speed. In addition, I love e-books can be read by P82, the road for a short stay, leisure park, sit, use e-book to pass the time, is also a good idea.

AN5650 Suppliers

® Core&# 8482; 2 dual-core mobile processor gives you excellent energy-efficient performance, allowing you to become a true multi-tasking Owen, even if running multiple applications, the system will never have the slightest decrease speed; allows you to experience the extraordinary performance, while enjoying high-definition video encoding, or other intensive multimedia applications fun.

AN5650 Price

Yesterday, according to foreign media reports, director of Intels Microprocessor Technology Lab Xie Ka Er Bo Ka (Shekhar Borkar) for the first time for Chinas own R & D design of the "Godson-2" assessed. Boca said, "Although the Godson-2 short-term processor can not compete with Intel, but the technology is used in products that CPU design capabilities in China has made great progress." Therefore, the Chinese companys CEO BLX Zeng Ming, said "This evaluation is more objective." It is reported that Boca was held in Taipei this week, the Intel Developer Forum Conference (IDF) during a news conference to make the above statement. Message has been issued, there are many users expressed their support for Chinas own CPU, users also have commented that "While Intel CPU recognition of Chinas design capabilities have made great progress, but it seems not to us in the eye."

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