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Ic AN7140

The latest National LM3405A chips for up to 22V input voltage, the voltage range higher than previously listed on the LM3405 chip. LM3405A chip is a small 6-pin SOT-23 package, constant-current buck regulator delivers up to 1A of current to drive 3W or 5W of LED. In addition, the implementation of this LM3405A chip can provide the required constant current 0.2V feedback reference voltage, and IC AN7140 and provides internal compensation, fixed switching frequency 1.6MHz, so is a simple and highly efficient LED driver solution. LM3405A chip with EN / DIM pin can support PWM dimming control. LM3405A can use the 12V AC and 12V DC drive of general lighting systems, including industrial and commercial lighting applications.

AN7140 Suppliers

" Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in electric vehicle design, demonstrated outstanding leadership and AN7140 Suppliers and innovation, we are pleased that they selected in the i-MiEV in iCoupler digital isolation technology. "ADI vice president of Automotive ThomasWessel" Hybrid / Electric car battery isolation technology advances in technology have simultaneously requested follow-up, such as higher integration, resistance to temperature change, and no external signal conditioning interface. ADI's digital isolation technology to efficiently meet these stringent requirements. "# # # # # ADI Mitsubishi Motors Corporation recently announced the Company has adopted ADI's digital isolators iCoupler development for next-generation "i-MiEV" electric vehicles all safe, reliable and efficient lithium ion battery-powered systems. Mitsubishi Motors will not emit carbon dioxide, the car known as the ultimate eco-car. i-MiEV electric car full use of electric energy, in the case of full power driving distance of 160 km (1), and provides three-way charging system, the driver can use 100V or 200V at home to recharge the battery voltage can also be on the outside fast charge station for charging. i-MiEV electric vehicles won several awards, including the 2009-2010 Japan Car of the Year Award Board of Supervisors awarded the "most advanced technology" award, the Japanese non-profit trade organization - Automatic vehicle Palace awarded the "2009 Automotive Technology" award. i-MiEV electric car will be officially launched in Japan in 2010.

AN7140 Price

Recently learned, Shenzhen SEG Hitachi CPT production line will be the last one completed in July, the last batch of orders, full stop. This is in the hands of a few days ago SEG Hitachi announced that three of four production lines stop, the Chinese CPT industry came another terrible news. It is understood that the Shenzhen SEG Hitachi LCD and AN7140 Price and plasma flat-panel TV prices continue to impact of CRT color TV industry, leading to continued loss CRT upstream manufacturers, SEG Hitachi ST has now been put on the hat, it is understood the current SEG Hitachi stop being taken production staff, and the sale of cars, trucks and some fixed assets of the series of measures. As SEG Hitachis major supplier of Henan An upstream as SEG Hitachi Color 140,790,242.35 yuan loans in arrears and the grounds of court, SEG Hitachi 146 million of assets have been frozen.

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