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Ic AO3400

U.S. Leadis Technology, Inc. (Leadis Technology) with 1,600 million color QVGA TFT display drive LDS285, which is a PowerLite dynamic backlight control (DBC) computing system patented new line of TFT LCD drivers the first product. PowerLite computing system to display images in real time calculations to determine the optimal backlight level, and IC AO3400 and then the backlight LED system driver communication, adjusting the output current to save mobile phones and portable media players and other portable devices valuable power.

AO3400 Suppliers

For example, IBM designed for the U.S. Department of Energy named "Roadrunner" in the hybrid supercomputer, which sets will be delivered this year will use the supercomputer over 16,000 an AMD Opteron processor cores and AO3400 Suppliers and over 16,000 Cell processors, peak performance of over 1,600 trillion calculations per second (1.6 petaflops). "Roadrunner" The hybrid design will allow the system to break down complex mathematical formula, and then decomposed sent to the various components can be processed with maximum efficiency of the system. Calculation of typical processes - file IO and communication activities will be AMD Opteron processor for processing, while more complex and repetitive work (the traditional supercomputer will occupy most of the resources of the task) will be more than 16,000 Cell processors to process .

AO3400 Price

IBMs Oliver Retting said, in fact, IBM is not alone, AMD and AO3400 Price and nVIDIA are taking such a development path similar to cell processor, CPU, and will soon GPU ( graphics processor) integration. "Anyway, now to improve the speed by increasing the frequency has been difficult, but you can increase the number of processors, which requires more software and programming." Dr. Guernsey to the "International Electronic Business" reporter concluded.

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