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Ic AO4420

According to analysis, is classified as a grand book Bambook mobile Internet terminals to receive this award has a deep significance, which means that Bambook book as a 2.0 product, an Internet product, has not only been recognized by the official authority also has been recognized throughout the industry, was a huge influence. It is understood, Bambook Since its inception, has been awarded the world's leading authority of the IT magazine CHIP "new computer" on October '2010 Editor's Choice Award 'and many other awards.

AO4420 Suppliers

day of purchasing lighting Sharon has attracted, including the United States Lloyd ( Lowes), General Electric (GE), Osram, Germany Berman, Thorn (Thorn Lighting), Japans high-Show (Takasho), etc., of the 35 top international buyers.

AO4420 Price

Mr. Shi Bolian at Global Sources for 21 years, in addition to fluent in Chinese, on the whole the development of China's electronics industry has a profound insights. Mr. Shi Bolian told reporters that China's position in the global electronics industry can not be replaced, according to the latest statistics, the output value of China's electronics industry ranks highest in the world in 2010 would be worth over one trillion U.S. dollars, China is the world's largest semiconductor market in 2009, the scale of reached 83.5 billion U.S. dollars, is expected to grow 15% this year, 2011, China's demand for electronic components market will reach 120 billion U.S. dollars, the market environment is very good. Held in China to give these large exhibition of Chinese electronic engineers the opportunity to learn a lot of exchanges, promote China's electronics engineers abroad to learn advanced technologies and AO4420 Price and solutions, the structure of China's electronics industry upgrading and technological progress is of great significance.

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