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Ic AO8806

in the Chinese auto market boom, led by 2007 Chinas automotive electronics demand, rapid growth, far more than other areas of semiconductor growth. Among them, the vehicle information system has become the engine of growth in automotive electronics market is the next hot spot. In addition, as consumers increasingly concerned about the safety, EPS, TPMS, radar range and IC AO8806 and a series of security technologies will be widely used. More and more widely in automotive applications, determines the MCUs processing capacity must be improved, 32-bit MCU gradually mounted the stage.

AO8806 Suppliers

own protection, whether or not to have protection, LED driver switching power supply circuits are regarded as the work is to ensure the system safe and AO8806 Suppliers and reliable first line of defense at the same time LED lighting systems also enhance overall energy efficiency and reduce their overall costs and achieve the corresponding control functions (such as dimming) the key, it must pass the appropriate test solutions to assist in the selection and / or to determine the corresponding active power switching devices and circuits design.

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in the past, the lack of color has been the consensus of the people on the chassis, coupled with rough work, rigid design, people tend to buy when there is no interest, hastily trouble. In the increasingly fierce competition today, manufacturers chassis industry gradually aware of the problem, many new products in time to start adding color design elements and AO8806 Price and art style, so the chassis is no longer a mediocre desktop inexplicable junior. Xiao Bian to the market a few days before a look, it is startled, and now a new product in the box hidden surprise, actually you and I can not imagine! Particular, to see the Patriots fight with new series - painting series of new CH1322, CH1323, chassis products, more stigma is now the foundation of the industrial design.

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