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2.2 cycle characteristics of semiconductor products in 1987, we will use a German weekly report on electronic manufacturing and IC AP9435GM and application of semiconductor cross-classification (divided into general standards, specific standards, common custom and special custom four), from "build" and "use" the unity of opposites of campaign starting to "application" as the contradictions of the main aspects, summed up the main features of the semiconductor products along the "universal" and "dedicated" cycle fluctuations, once a decade, see Figure 2 (above). This formulation Fellow in 1990-91 prepared by the Organization in the Tongzhi Peng "future military electronic" [5] a book, with "six times in the history of silicon microelectronics wave 2" into the sub-section. Consider the application of the product and the formation of mature technology itself off than the mainstream after years of delay, which corresponds to six times the time fluctuations are 1958-1968 years (Discrete semiconductor devices) ,1968-1978 (TV, audio and other specialized standard products ASSP) 1978-1988 (microprocessor MPU) ,1988-1998 (mask programming and other special circuits ASIC) ,1998-2008 (user-programmable circuits such as FPGA) and 2008-2018 (SoW-chip integrated system that is now talking about SoC), and with another sub-section of the book "history of the development of silicon microelectronics seven wave" (1948-58, transistors; 1958-68, SSI / MSI; 1968-78, LSI; 1978-88, VLSI; 1988-98, ULSI; 1998-2008, GLSI; 2008-18, WSI) technology by product maturity of ten years behind the relationship between applications, one to one up in time. In which the seventh wave (2008-18) of the corresponding universal fluctuations (seventh wave), was hard to determine the application characteristics, hence the "?" Said. In 2000 [6] we straighten this Wen Hao that Its chief product is multi-functional Xin Pian (MFIC), later renamed the "user can reconstruct SoC" (U-SoC), which is embedded in the sixth wave is clearly programming the chip (EBIC), as shown in Figure 2 (below) shows.

AP9435GM Suppliers

Energy Research Institute Li Junfeng, deputy director also said this "excess" is the basic characteristics of the market economy, full production, to be matched only in the planning economy to achieve. overcapacity and AP9435GM Suppliers and appropriate help to strengthen competition in the industry, through the survival of the fittest, to promote industrial and technological progress. He believes that the current so-called excess capacity of polysilicon blindly follow the trend of local governments, enterprises to expand production capacity due to .

AP9435GM Price

A6HD the most exciting is its high-definition picture and AP9435GM Price and sound quality, 10M bit stream / 720P HD video output, full format support RMVB, RM, AVI, FLV and other format video player, MP3, WMA , WAV, APE, FLAC and other audio decoding; the same time, 4.3-inch, 16:9 golden ratio, 16.7 million-color high-definition screen, 1800mAH Lithium-polymer battery more than 4 hours video battery life, allowing you to fully appreciate the high-definition vision, soothing top enjoyment.

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