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Ic AT24C02N

International Business Machines Corporation (InternationalBusinessMa-chinesCorp., IBM) today unveiled a prototype chip will be the mystery. Increase the optical signal through the chip data transfer rate than current technologies to the chip data transfer speed of 8 times. The chip runs at 160 billion bits per second, take a short-range high-definition film transfer can be completed in an instant, by contrast, cable broadband transmission lines through the family will need time-consuming and IC AT24C02N and a half hours. With this technology-based devices, you can instantly send photos to digital X-ray to a doctors hand-held devices, seismic analysis of data can be instantly sent to the petroleum engineers workstation, the film can also be achieved in the home network transmission. Analysts said this marks the fusion of traditional semiconductor technology and high efficiency photon transmission technology breakthrough. EnvisioneeringGroup head of research RichardDo-herty expected, the International Business Machines Corporation in the next 18 months to 30 months to produce commercial products based on this technology.

AT24C02N Suppliers

2007 International Medical Instruments and AT24C02N Suppliers and Equipment Exhibition will be held April 22, 2007 to April 24, 2007 in Beijing China International Exhibition Centre. As high-end medical equipment industry exhibition, CHINAMED2007 in the industrys premier international. It is understood that the highest reputation of the worlds leading provider of medical equipment GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Neusoft, Wan East will gather in this exhibition, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Finland, and from 20 national pavilions countries and regions will bring more new technology companies, new products. New technologies and products will highlight new business opportunities. Exhibition will be held over the same period orthopedics, rehabilitation therapy, intensive care, oncology, emergency, medical engineering, medical measurement? D? D Committee of seven academic conference, and awarded credit certificates, a minimum of two points. Professor Wang Yan, HOU Shu-xun, Zoude Wei, Song Santai, Chen Zhengtang, Zhuo Dahong, Nandeng Kun, Wang Weidong, CRITICAL and other leading experts in the field with you in a high level of academic exchanges. In addition, people-oriented technology, this exhibition will be opened for the first time, "disabled, the elderly and home health supplies Rehabilitation Center" to let people experience the high-tech charm. Exhibition is organized by the PLA Logistics Department of Health, the International Trade Center Co., Ltd., China Hui Tong (Group) Corporation, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Limited.

AT24C02N Price

2008 and AT24C02N Price and 2009 before the recession and overcapacity in the semiconductor industry due to the quite different reasons, simply because the industry caused by external economic depression. The negative growth for two consecutive years, rarely seen in history. But the crisis continued into the second half of 2010, the semiconductor investment will increase, industry will have improved significantly. On the other hand, integrated circuits since 2000, has been in the high growth period, 2008 to enter the few negative growth. China has been the development of the global semiconductor important role in the growth rate of world semiconductor industry contributed more than 70%. Especially in recent years, the mainstream industry is for the better, the proportion of components integrated circuit design business accounted for 31.5% 18.9% chip packaging and testing industry is still relatively large share, accounting for 49.6% of late-coming countries like China, packaging the most the proportion of 25% good, so much the development of IC design space. From the industrial concentration of view, the wafer is essentially concentrated in the top ten all enterprises, 68% of the concentration of packaging, marketing applications and getting better and better product mix, 3C applications accounted for 88% of consumer spending, consumer electronics, which is 27%; cpu, dsp and a variety of memory consumption accounted for 48% of the domestic market, and analog circuit-specific standard products accounted for 30%, which is consistent with international trends and the good momentum of development.

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