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Ic AT28C16-25JI

automotive electronic systems by micro-controller is usually (MCU) to handle the cars instrument panel, door (windows) control and IC AT28C16-25JI and other electronic throttle control in the system module, MCU devices and applications along with the board become more complex product design. Inside and outside the car windows of many peripheral devices such as electric control systems, air-conditioning systems by the 8-bit MCU to be responsible, for the more high-end automotive electronics such as car security systems and car entertainment systems, the processing 8-bit MCU is not enough computing power The.

AT28C16-25JI Suppliers

Murata and AT28C16-25JI Suppliers and the two other components giant Tyco Electronics are the experts mentioned in the speech, for LED lighting applications, heat can not be avoided, because theory and time has proved, LED performance and lifetime of pn junction LED is closely related to temperature. Overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating would significantly reduce the emission LED performance and service life. For these situations in the development of over-temperature protection program, you need to refer to the corresponding standards and practical application in order to obtain the most cost-effective results. Applications such as for road traffic signals, may be to reach the required temperature, or send an alarm to notify the immediate protection, so as not to affect the standards required to achieve the minimum light intensity level, resulting in traffic safety hazard; for the road or home lighting, may be started to reach a certain temperature protection, first reduce the current to reach the Curie temperature protection immediately after the protection.

AT28C16-25JI Price

Moonlight chassis has maintained a commitment to consumers, as much as possible to the consumer to the highest quality hardware and AT28C16-25JI Price and materials. Also painted chassis, the choice of electrolytic galvanized SECC steel materials, tool-free design and full fold of the forging process, and forming a main frame, which makes these products more robust and flexible and convenient disassembly. As consistent with the standard 38 degrees INTEL chassis box with

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