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Ic AT45DB011-SC

another "who" is also facing a serious test. "For example, the original cut Vimicro camera is the computer market, they have accounted for seventy to eighty percent of the worlds share, almost all of them, and IC AT45DB011-SC and then growth has been very difficult. Current technology is also other places difficult to use, not help the current industrial base, both customer base, knowledge or capital structure of all its new product line does not help. "Li Ke said.

AT45DB011-SC Suppliers

The world's first with this technology Onda VX939 series (including the VX939, VX939C, VX939T, VX939) Actions based on the powerful 2097 chip support, not only in the performance mainstream market than the current 2085 model has improved the chip, and AT45DB011-SC Suppliers and in the quality of the performance because of the APE format support for even more outstanding and more stable system operation. It is the first domestic high-speed USB2.0 interface with large color screen, MP3, write, output speed, respectively, 5.4M / S, 5.6M / S, so that the speed of the official current era of large capacity needs. VX939 1.8-inch screen CSNT, powerful 2097 chip that can easily support VX939 1.8-inch full-color player and the first in the country to achieve AMV3.0 video playback, make the machine more natural and smooth images, the processing speed is also greatly enhanced. In function, support MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, OGG and APE formats new music added, the video player, FM radio, voice recording, picture browsing, text reading, repetition, Line-in direct recording, RTC clock and other functions readily available. The VX939 and VX939T is a 1.8 inch screen, based on LTPS technology into a new TFT screen, the VX939, VX939T into the current 400 yuan to build the most comprehensive MP3 the following models.

AT45DB011-SC Price

According to Taiwans Economic Daily News reported that South Koreas Samsung LED backlight LCD TV in the active stocking, tumbled Taiwan blue LED production capacity of high brightness, crystal blue and AT45DB011-SC Price and red LED power capacity were fully loaded, May orders for more than 10 billion New Taiwan dollars; Formosa Epitaxy account for large-size panel backlighting revenue Jinsi Cheng; Thai Valley, more than double the capacity gap, and that the stock will remain until the end. LED backlighting this years main push Samsung LCD TV, LED backlit TV shipments this year, shouting to achieve the overall proportion of LCD TV shipments into one, if the estimate of 200 million units this year, high-brightness blue LED needs at least the grain 2 billion, the market broke, Samsung to Taiwan under the single month of high brightness blue LED die up to 200 million, of which 80% of the power concentrated in the grain, another 20% by Formosa Epitaxy supply.

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