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Latest research report, according to JP Morgan Chase, the global PC orders plummeted from 7 late, significant deterioration in the market, including HP, Dell, Acer and IC AT45DB081D-SSU and Lenovo are all beginning to defer orders for the supply chain. Early warning before Lenovo, PC giant Dell Chief Financial Officer BrianGladen to that of the PC back to school this year, students will be lower than expected demand; HP, responsible person also admitted that the latest quarter demand is not ideal; ASUS side said that as the uncertainty of the major markets, the company expected third-quarter results more conservative.

AT45DB081D-SSU Suppliers

Informed sources have said the dream of Science and AT45DB081D-SSU Suppliers and Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Kelon (hereinafter referred to as the "Dream Dragon Technology") intended and Negropontes $ 100 laptop plan to cooperate. Long Dream Technology Group and by the Jiangsu Menglan Computing Division in June 2006 set up a joint venture dedicated to the application of domestic Godson processors product development and promotion, especially in low-cost computing to meet the needs of national security computing needs of product development and scale of industrialization. According to Dr. Zhang Fuxin, said the meeting discussed the long dream of $ 100 within the laptop program, find the program well, the cooperation with the Godson operability. It should be noted that the industry had heard of this recent "$ 100 laptop plan ran aground in China," the message. Relevant parties that the $ 100 laptop uses a low-end AMD processor, the most in China, there is no good marketing channel, the implementation of it will encounter a lot of very real problem. "$ 100 laptop program is actually very good, we Godson 2E processors performance is also much higher than its current processors used, we demand of domestic consumers and familiarity is what they do not have." Zhang noted that the new Dragon Dream more suitable than any other chip makers to join hands to push low-cost notebook in China Negroponte. Zhang also pointed out that the new, $ 100 laptop plan together so that our young people can gradually adapt to linux operating environment. It is learned that long dream, are currently with the "One Laptop Plan" (OLPC) aspects contact, but I am not in touch with Negroponte. (Sina)

AT45DB081D-SSU Price

16 input channels can be configured by software, 16-channel single-ended or 8-channel fully differential analog input. In addition, the timing controller and AT45DB081D-SSU Price and the channel counter to achieve the selected channel can be continuous or single conversion, without further user input, re-programming of the ADC conversion will not be interrupted. This makes the channel selection function can also run in the sequence can be changed.

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