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Ic AT45DB081D-SU

And this into a new understanding with the hada, Kazakhstan agreed to build oil and IC AT45DB081D-SU and gas pipelines to transport oil and gas fields near the Caspian Seas oil and gas exploration, Chinas entry into the Caspian Sea Gold Rush Road suddenly open up.

AT45DB081D-SU Suppliers

Fairchild Semiconductor (FairchildSemiconductor) has introduced a complementary 40VMOSFET device FDD8424H, Dual DPAK packaging provides industry-leading cooling capacity, help improve system reliability, reduce board space and AT45DB081D-SU Suppliers and decrease overall system cost. FDD8424H for half-and full-bridge inverter designs, optimized for the LCD TV, LCD backlight unit used (BLU) and the motor drives and lamp drives the ideal choice. And 8-lead and dual SOIC (SO8) package of alternative solutions, dual DPAK thermal resistance package FDD8424H are one-fifth and one tenth of its. In addition, FDD8424H integrated in a single package, a P-channel MOSFET and an N-channel high-end low-MOSFET, and thus allow the common drain connection within the device, simplifying board layout and reduces design time. Fairchild Communications and Consumer Products Marketing Manager MikeSpeed said: "Fairchilds FDD8424H so that designers can display inverter and thermal footprint design to optimize the performance. SO8 package compared to traditional solutions, double- DPAK packages optimized on-resistance RDS (ON) and gate charge (Qg) improved switching performance, resulting in lower heat consumption and improve efficiency. Moreover, in the drive 8 CCFL backlight inverter lamp, FDD8424H can the case temperature lower 12%. "FDD8424H main features include: * Optimal RDS (ON) and gate charge (Qg) of the portfolio, providing excellent performance * N-channel switching to provide 4.1C / W similar minimum thermal resistance ( θJC), P-channel was 3.5C / W * Integrated half-bridge single package solution can reduce the device footprint and lower overall system cost * P-channel and N-channel MOSFET common drain connection integration, can This simplifies circuit board layout can be lead-free products meet or exceed the IPC / JEDECs J-STD-020C standard and comply with EU standards now in effect.

AT45DB081D-SU Price

HEDY since 1995 to enter IT products, agents, currently representing the optical storage products, including SONY, TOSHIBA hard drives and AT45DB081D-SU Price and removable hard disk, PHILIPS display, ADATA memory, South Asia, memory, and mobile hard drives and enterprise storage IOMEGA NAS systems.

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