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Ic AT89S52-24PC

, high-speed data acquisition system -channel high-speed data acquisition board (hereinafter referred to as acquisition board) hardware platform schematic shown in Figure 1. Acquisition board includes ADC6655, the sampling clock module, matching networks, data transmission interface, power supply and IC AT89S52-24PC and other modules. Their work processes: acquisition board RF input port connected with the output interface connected FPGA platform, FPGA bus interface configured by sPI acquisition board work. RF antenna to receive signals through the mixer to the IF signal, IF signal to the acquisition board sampling, will be collected through the FPGA controls the data stored in the FIFO on the FPGA platform in order to progress - steps for signal analysis and processing.

AT89S52-24PC Suppliers

The MT-V810 mobile phone can receive TV and AT89S52-24PC Suppliers and FM radio signals, configuration 2.4-inch touch screen and 130-megapixel camera; can support 6 hours of uninterrupted viewing of TV programs, 200 minutes of continuous talk time and 300 hours of standby time, size is only 107.9 × 52.6 × 16.2 mm; can store up to 1000 contacts and supports 2G of external storage space. his paper, IF sampling and digital quadrature demodulation technique, given a multi-channel data acquisition system design and performance analysis and test methods. 4 antenna

AT89S52-24PC Price

ith the rapid development of digital technology, digital circuit handling precision and AT89S52-24PC Price and stability of higher and higher. IF sampling technique can greatly reduce the A / D sampling rate without affecting the recovery of the signal, but also can reduce the burden of subsequent signal processing. Application of the IF sampling receiver technology can achieve the first intermediate frequency signal sampling to reduce the mixing part of the simulation system to reduce complexity and reduce system cost. Digital Quadrature Demodulation demodulated I / O channels between the magnitude of consistency, much better than the two orthogonal phase-conversion quadrature demodulation method for receiving system.

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