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Ic AT93C46-10TI-2.7

" At gas stations, the use of mobile phones is a detonator, may explode at any gas station oil tanks this big 'bomb'! "Fujian Province, Mr. Lin anxiously advised oil companies, do not in the refueling stations on mobile phones! And suggested to set up stations around the mobile phone ban call signs. Island in Fuzhou Aofong a gas station, a Nissan "demeanor" car stop refueling, the tanker drivers actually standing next to your phone back to the paging, station staff to persuade them to turn off the phone, he reasons are ignored. Fu Fei on the road in a gas station, there are three men also use the phone at the gas station, standing on the side of the station staff turned a blind eye: "all this, saying that it's useless, let them be !"### # # On the reason for using "SonyEricsson" but not another record, "a new brand," Ihara said: "Once people see SonyEricsson, so you know what kind of products, so we do not need another waste of money to create a new brand visibility ."

AT93C46-10TI-2.7 Suppliers

esults show that the antenna in the 294.0 ~ 488.6 MHz frequency range, the antenna feed-side VSWR <2, the waveform flat. The bandwidth compared with the original simulation curve (300 ~ 496MHz), basically the same band. The actual waveform jitter in 525 ~ 705 MHz band, below the simulation curve (577 ~ 754 MHz), but in the working band, but no real impact on the antenna performance. Analysis of the results of the measured frequency difference between the theoretical value that the main error from the actual processing.

AT93C46-10TI-2.7 Price

After upgrade several MSI cards are still maintained a strong market vitality to prove there are still many players are still keen on low-end products. Recently. MSI MSI N9800GT-T2D to re-introduce the Warriors II512M card, the following Xiaobian to introduce this new look.

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