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Ic AT93C56-10SI-2.7

markets in the emerging new applications, driven by rapid progress in recent years LED market. Chinas LED production in 2005 reached 26.21 billion, is a breakthrough in market scale reached 11.49 billion yuan billion yuan mark. Applications I: the main display is the LED application market, full-color displays have been strong.

AT93C56-10SI-2.7 Suppliers

ARM 90 nm Velocity DDR1 / 2 memory interface solutions include multiple sets of programmable ODT (on-die termination) and AT93C56-10SI-2.7 Suppliers and the output driver impedance control (output driver impedance control), the use of all the ends of the ARM advanced dynamic calibrator circuits in the case of access to high impedance accuracy. These features improve the overall signal integrity, and high-speed system designed to speed up the development cycle. 90nm Velocity DDR1 / 2 memory interface to provide the most appropriate solution for many applications need to use SDRAM (for example, mainstream desktop computers, network infrastructure and server) to provide scalable power and performance. These can be used for DDR1 and DDR2 double data rate up to 800Mbps solution data speeds, and to achieve the SDRAM memory controller to form and all the interfaces.

AT93C56-10SI-2.7 Price

ZenVision: M's screen is 2.5 inch 26 million color TFT, 320 x 240 resolution, dot pitch is 0.16mm, display outstanding, quality fine clear whether the reduction of color, color gradation transition are world-class event, but also for the realization of various functions to lay a solid foundation. Viewing angle of the screen much more ZenVision improved, providing a convenient viewing for the crowd. Brightness of the screen is full, and AT93C56-10SI-2.7 Price and can be adjusted in the dark, especially eye-catching.

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