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Throughout L6WTQ series models, called the performance from the inside out well, but dealt with winning a thousand miles, from the fierce market competition killer, remove the gray 2ms response speed, but will not fail to mention the industry's leading contrast optimization - Rui ratio (DFC) technology.

ATF16V8C-5JC Suppliers

This led to Beijing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Harbin, Nanchang, Suzhou and ATF16V8C-5JC Suppliers and other cities of the fierce competition. "Ten City" competition, Wuhan, time is not involved in early development speed very quickly. Wuhan Optical Valley Electronic Co., Ltd., is engaged in a high-power white LED packaging and application product development and production enterprises. Xu Jie, Technical Director, said: "Optics Valley of LED industry, the government played an important role in ."

ATF16V8C-5JC Price

Increase in the domestic market share of good news, frequently, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers will target users who aimed at the business, ready to jointly expand "business phone" cake. According to reports, domestic mobile phone manufacturers who have targeted mainly the company's business manager and ATF16V8C-5JC Price and sales of some long-term business trip, who will change every six months, mobile phone, "This kind of target customers are about 10 million, if we launch a business phone is priced at 2,000 yuan. An industry source said that the so-called business phone, cell phone, there are some features that are designed specifically for these people. "such as business phone addition to the general function of the phone, but also with GPRS, telephone conferences, functions. "many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have recently expressed their mobile phone to make a big fuss in the business." Yang phone is the main focus was the high-end phones and fashion handsets on these two, the business phone or a piece of blank This is one for the domestic mobile phone market access opportunities. "Amoi Mobile, a sales manager, told reporters. He said, Amoi two recently launched the first commercial mobile phone A8698, A8698F .

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