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According to market research firm CCID Consultings statistics, Chinas MCU market sales in 2010 from 16.74 billion yuan in 2009 rose to 19.68 billion yuan, an increase of 17.6%. This growth will be higher than this years global MCU market growth. According to market research firm Databeans predicts that the global MCU market in 2010 will reach 120 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 11%. Moreover, in 2011 and IC ATMEGA16L-8PU and 2012, the Chinese MCU market will maintain double-digit sales growth. This means that the Chinese market in 2008, falling into the single-digit growth, negative growth in 2009 after the return of high growth.

ATMEGA16L-8PU Suppliers

LeCroy Corporation (LeCory) has announced the introduction of new WaveJet digital oscilloscope series, to expand its easy to carry, easy to use, with a bright display of economy oscilloscope product line. WaveJet in portable oscilloscopes provides unmatched performance and ATMEGA16L-8PU Suppliers and very economical. WaveJet 500k samples per channel memory allows the capture time is 50-200 times that of similar other products. WaveJet series of new 2-channel oscilloscope models and four channel models are available in 100MHz, 200MHz, 350MHz and 500MHz bandwidth. 2GS / s maximum sample rate and 500kpts / channel memory, combined with a similar instrument made WaveJet performance-leading products. This long memory to provide a maximum sampling rate of the leading 250μs capture similar levels of time, and similar other oscilloscopes in the same sample rate provides only 1.25μs capture time. In addition to a long capture time outside, WaveJet also has a 7.5 "large color display and USB connectivity, both of which feature generally only in more advanced oscilloscope will be provided. Due to the ultra fast boot time and automatic setting function, the user can in a few seconds to start the measurement. intuitive front panel just one click to get into the horizontal menu, vertical menu, and trigger menus, push-button knob is automatically set delay, offset and trigger level. matching the color of the channel LED will indicate which of channel activation and control of the zoom or math trace path. These front panel features combined with the logical screen menu makes WaveJet a truly easy to use instrument. the flexibility to determine the way data is captured an important part of any oscilloscope. whether 1ns peak detect captured by glitches, or use the same sampling mode 100GS / s sampling rate, WaveJet offer engineers the flexibility required. In addition it can use the scroll mode changes observed in the low-speed signals, using average acquisition mode to eliminate noise or spurious events. In addition to these acquisition modes outside, PageMode (page mode) feature a unique perspective can also view the captured waveform. by activating the page mode, you can scroll the waveform capture history, isolated glitches, runts, or other abnormal signal, before or after viewing the incident happened.


showed a profit, as of June 30 this year, the total number of employees Foxconn International 11.53 million, compared to last years 11.39 million, an increase of 1.23 %, but never in staff costs of $ 30,100,000 over the same period last year fell to $ 23,400,000 this year, the per capita cost fell 23.2%.

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