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This is why in 2009, TI has made a major decision. the original plan for the production of wireless chips, Dallas Richardson 300 mm wafer factory to the worlds first 300mm factory analog IC .2010 production in the fourth quarter, will bring two billion / year in the huge production capacity, the commissioning of the giant plant simulation for analog IC TI onto paved the leader of the foundation. Moreover, the most important, TI did a calculation of the investment is spent, because it is from Qimonda AG (Qimonda) to purchase the equipment, while Qimonda went bankrupt. The result is worth 10 billion dollars in equipment, TI took less than 1 / 5 the price they bought. This will greatly enhance the cost advantage of TI analog IC. "And, 300mm and IC ATMEGA8L-8PI and 200mm wafer fab in comparison, there are two important advantages: First, more precise equipment, which is the yield higher; Second, each wafer can produce more chips, (150X150) / (100X100) = 2.25, that is, per unit area of the wafer can produce 1.25 times more chips. "Gregg Lowe to explain .

ATMEGA8L-8PI Suppliers

nterview, Intel Asia-Pacific partnership and ATMEGA8L-8PI Suppliers and strategic business development department director He Shufen repeatedly stressed, MeeGo greatest advantage is its openness. It is understood, MeeGo began as holding the banner of open source software. Android systems with different, MeeGo insist that any one contribution to the program code, can be used by others for free use of a modified open-source agreement. And written for the Android open source code Android development team to go through layers of review, is likely to be added to the Android system.


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