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Ic AV113-12

Promote early technology from the now accumulated to obtain the results, the two companies has been the help of this long-term partnership to develop a sustained and IC AV113-12 and effective, and is committed to these advanced technologies into the application as soon as possible go.

AV113-12 Suppliers

MC33800 is a 16-channel, multifunction output driver, with eight low-side drivers, six field-effect transistor (FET) pre-drivers and AV113-12 Suppliers and two constant current low-end drives. With the "Swiss Army knife" of MCU interfaces, MC33800 can control relays, motors, solenoids, lamps, valves and heated exhaust gas oxygen (HEGO) sensor. While ideal for engine and transmission control, but the device is also well suited for many other applications, such as electric power steering, four-wheel drive control, you need low-end drives, and diagnostic reporting and fault protection of industrial and commercial control systems.

AV113-12 Price

Intels response: accusations not true Mao Chun Biao for the explosion of the unspoken rules of Intel China, which Intel and AV113-12 Price and PC makers who believe that business between the details of the cooperation should not argue in the media the same time, the source said, seven-computer person in charge of those accusations against Intel is not true.

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