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An industry observer said that if China Unicom launched WiFi version of iPhone, could have a ripple effect, has been advocating that the Government lifted the ban WiFi, and IC BAS32L and hot spots around the Dajian telecommunications, could quickly launch a large number of WiFi phones, so that mobile communications market, the formation of a new round of the pattern of shocks. "Three carriers operating system, business model and performance will be affected ."

BAS32L Suppliers

the message has not been confirmed by the Unicom. Earlier, China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiaobing August 31 in response to a reporter when he said, "The iPhone does not have WiFi, we hope Apple has this feature as soon as the phone support to meet the regulatory requirements of the Chinese government a new generation of Apple phone to enter the Chinese ."

BAS32L Price

According to the Associated Press recently reported, the Japanese personal computer market is declining, analysts doubt that will revolutionize the computer to the appliances 25 years, the Japanese may be PC sales in the first major market decline. "from the preparation point of view, China Unicom may be asked to introduce a number of functions without WiFi iPhone, then re-released version includes WiFi." the person said.

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